Volunteer Opportunities

Tomahawk Lake needs volunteers

The TLA is an organization run by volunteers. And we need more help!

There are a number of volunteer opportunities:

  1. Lake Sentinel 
    Each year volunteer teams of 2 are needed to perform Lake Surveys. These teams are assigned a specific area of the lake. Twice each summer, they survey the shoreline for evidence of EWM, marking spots using a handheld GPS device. Each survey takes approximately 1 hour of time.
  2. Clean Boats Clean Waters Ramp Attendants 
    Volunteers are needed for weekday monitoring or the two main boat ramps. Attendants engage with boat owners making sure they understand how to inspect their boats, remove any EWM and make sure that livewells are emptied. Most invasive species are introduced into a lake through careless boat owners who fail to inspect and clean their boats prior to launching in a new lake.
  3. Hermit Island Swim Challenge 
    Each year we need 12 pontoon boats to line the course and provide emergency assistance, should it be needed.
  4. TLA Board of Directors 
    We are always looking for interested individuals who share a passion for the lake to serve as board members.

For more information on any of these volunteer activities, please contact Noah Lottig, TLA President, by email at or by phone 218-310-7896.


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