Lake Protection

Preserving the Tomahawk Lake System’s health, beauty, and recreational use, requires careful stewardship. This effort is the association’s primary goal.

The Tomahawk Lake System is varied: it includes Tomahawk, Little Tomahawk, Mud, and Inkwell Lakes, Paddle Pond, and the Tomahawk Thoroughfare to the Thoroughfare Road Bridge.

Tomahawk Lake and Little Tomahawk Lake are designated as Outstanding Resource Waters (ORW) by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). To receive the ORW designation a lake must meet three criteria: provide outstanding recreational opportunities, support a valuable fisheries and wildlife habitat, and have good water quality. Fewer than 1 percent of all Wisconsin lakes, rivers, and streams have received this designation. For further information on the ORW designation go to the Wisconsin DNR's Surface Water page

Our project and volunteer focus are to:

  1. Manage existing aquatic invasive species to maintain and preserve native aquatic plant communities and recreational access and use of the lake.
  2. Prevent the introduction of new aquatic species.
  3. Promote good shoreland management practices by encouraging shoreland owners to maintain and improve critical shoreland habitats and minimize runoff from entering the Tomahawk Lake System.

This work is important, but TLA also recognizes the need to be vigilant to identify and take action to protect the Tomahawk Lake System from currently unknown threats.

Shoreland Management

Shoreland Management

Central to the protection of the water quality is avoiding unnecessary runoff of chemicals, fertilizers, yard waste and storm runoff, which will enter the lake. These practices protect critical fish and wildlife habitat and affect the water where we swim, boat, and play.  LEARN MORE

Aquatic invasive species management

Aquatic Invasive Species Management

It is more important than ever to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. We currently manage Eurasian Water Milfoil and staff boat launches to prevent the introduction of new aquatic invasive species.  LEARN MORE

Recreational Use

Recreational Opportunities

It is easy to appreciate how special the varied recreational opportunities are on the Tomahawk Lake System. TLA programs help to protect and maintain access to our amazing natural resources for all to enjoy.  LEARN MORE

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network

The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN) creates a bond between 1000+ citizen volunteers statewide and the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership. Our goals are to collect high-quality lake monitoring data, educate and empower our volunteers, and share our data to inform lake management.  LEARN MORE

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