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Rate Your Shoreline

Getting Started

If you would like more details about the survey before getting started, please see the Shoreland Program Guide. The MI Shoreland Stewards Survey asks questions related to management practices in each of the four zones of your shoreland property: Upland, Buffer, Shoreline and Lake. It should take approximately 30 minutes. Below each question will be more information to help you in answering the questions or how you could potentially improve your management practices.
What is your level?  
Three different levels can be achieved: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each property is different and some will qualify right away. Other properties may not qualify until some management practices are improved while still others may not be able to qualify at all. 
Why should I register?
  • The Tomahawk Lake Association has received approval to upload and use the Michigan Rate Your Shoreland Survey tool. It is requested that all Tomahawk Lake property owner taking the survey register under the Tomahawk Lake Association and identify Iron County as your county location. In this way Tomahawk Lake survey data can be remove so as to not skew Michigan Shoreland Stewards reports.
  • Registered Participants will be provided:
    • A personalized printable certificate for qualifying properties for Gold, Silver and Bronze Levels.
    • Advice if there are areas that can be improved.
    • An option to print your answer summary.
    • An option to purchase a sign to be placed along the lake shore.
    • The ability to upload pictures to show how your property is a “Shoreland Steward” (They can’t be seen by the public)

Register for an Account, allowing you to return to your survey information at any time, receive a certificate, print your information and more! It is requested that all Tomahawk Lake property owner taking the survey register under the Tomahawk Lake Association and identify Iron County as your county location. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.

Log In if you already have an account and would like to return to your survey.


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