Lake Steward Pledge

TLA is embarking on a Lake Steward Pledge to recognize those lake property owners who are committed to the long-term health of Tomahawk Lake for future generations. We have identified 10 steps that we are asking Lake Stewards to complete on their property to earn the designation of “Lake Steward”.

The 10 steps are:

  1. Capture water runoff before it reaches the lake
  2. Don’t blow or rake leaves into the lake
  3. Minimize or eliminate chemical and fertilizer use
  4. Allow native aquatic plants and fallen wood to remain in the lake
  5. Reduce road salt use
  6. Eliminate bare soil spots on your property
  7. Maintain your septic system
  8. Boat Responsibly
  9. Don’t mow to the waters’ edge
  10. Respect the wildlife on the lake

These 10 items are all critical to helping maintain the quality of Tomahawk Lake. The effort to complete these tasks is varied by property, but our hope is that you will take the pledge to commit to the 10 items and begin the journey. There are ways to get started today. We have revamped the TLA website ( to provide you with much more information on the 10 steps. We encourage you to read about the steps, take the lake property survey, and, most importantly, educate yourself on both the “why” and the “how” to accomplish each of these 10 steps. Once you have committed to begin your journey to Lake Stewardship, fill out the form below. (A printable form is also available if you would prefer to fill it out by hand and mail it.) In return, we will email you a link to Shoreline Living Magazine to show you what is possible.

You will then be recognized in our fall newsletter as taking the pledge to become a Lake Steward. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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