Tomahawk Lake Proud

Be Tomahawk Lake Proud

The incentive for the formation of the Tomahawk Lake Association was to control the aquatic invasive species Eurasian Water Milfoil. The WDNR has presently curtailed treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil on the Minocqua Lake Chain. There is concern that shoreland property owners may not financially support TLA if we are not able to chemically treat for Eurasian Water Milfoil. Paul has stated we need a strong shoreland program to remain a viable entity in the eyes of the shoreland property owners.

Tomahawk Lake and Little Tomahawk Lake is a by WDNR determination an Outstanding Resource Waters (ORW). Fewer than 1% of Wisconsin’s 53,413 lakes, streams and rivers are designated as ORW. We need to communicate that the mission of TLA is to educate and advocate for stewardship of the Tomahawk Lake System. This means to act and to support the protection of Tomahawk Lake from degradation and to preserve or improve the Tomahawk Lake waters and associated wildlife and wildlife habitat.

“Tomahawk Lake Proud” is a vehicle to communicate with shoreland owners’ reasons for being proud to live and recreate on such a great body of water. It also gives us a campaign to engage shoreland owners to do their part in the protection and improvement of the waters and shorelands of Tomahawk Lake.

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