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Since all shoreland property owners benefit from the efforts of the TLA, a “fair share” donation amount was calculated several years ago. It represented the difference between our total operating cost and the average amount of state grants we received at that time. As the amount of State funding has decreased over time we are now in need of additional contributions from property owners. We would appreciate your consideration of a higher than fair share contribution such as our “Fair share Plus” or “Fair share Premium” membership levels.

Membership Levels

  1. Fair Share
  2. Fair Share Plus
  3. Fair Share Platinum
  4. Affiliate level (for family and friends)

Recommended Amount

  1. $270
  2. $300-$500
  3. $500 & above
  4. $100

The “Fair Share” membership levels include a dock sign with annual renewal stickers to assist milfoil-removal divers with focusing on your area of the lake.

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